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LSIS: Focused on improvement 2012-2015

In February we shared a summary of our strategy: Refining our strategy with you, and we now published our full strategy for 2012-2015 in LSIS: focused on improvement. This has been endorsed by the LSIS Council. As the improvement body for the further education and skills sector, LSIS has a responsibility to provide you with the support you need to continuously improve your practice and performance with the ultimate goal of ensuring that your learners receive an inspiring and quality experience.

During 2011/12 we have restructured our organisation, streamlined our activities and approach and refocused on the areas of need, where working with you and for you we can make the most significant difference.

Our focus on improving teaching and learning, developing the leaders and managers of the future and addressing areas of underperformance is long-term. Our approach will remain flexible and responsive over the next three years to ensure that we deliver these strategic priorities in the most effective, efficient and appropriate way.


Last updated: 15 January 2013