Learning and Skills Improvement Service

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Our leadership and management

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) is a limited company and a registered charity and the LSIS Board comprises 12 members who are both Directors of the Board and Charity trustees.

The Board also has five observers from stakeholder organisations;

  • the Skills Funding Agency;
  • the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills;
  • the National Union of Students;
  • the National Improvement Partnership Board and
  • the Office for Standards in Education. 

Board members are selected through an extensive recruitment process to reflect a variety of skills, knowledge and experience required to direct the organisation.

LSIS is also governed and advised by a Member Council made up of 30 members elected by the sector to reflect its richness and diversity and taking into account the nature and type of providers and geographic distribution. The Council holds the Board to account and also undertakes an advisory, consultative and representative role.

The Articles of Association and the Financial Memorandum, detail the duties and responsibilities of the organisation.


Last updated: 22 February 2013