From our pilots – West Kent

KDAAT Service user & Carer Expert Panel have been kept informed and involved  in the Kent PbR Pilot since the first consultation event (re service design) on 4 November 2010.  There followed regular monthly meetings of the Panel, a series of public consultation events (re draft service specification) and involvement in the tender evaluation, the outcome of which contributed 10% of the tender scoring. The Panel were informed of the contract award decision at the December 2011 meeting and since then a Panel member has attended the WK Transition Project Board meeting, comprising the outgoing and incoming Providers.

The following feedback has been received from a member of KDAAT’s Service User & Carer Expert Panel:

‘We have been involved from the beginning, everything has been explained to the KDAAT Service User & Carer Expert Panel members.  We received Tender Evaluation training and understood what was required in a legal respect e.g. confidentiality.  Nothing leaked out and KDAAT thanked us.  We have always been treated as an integral part of the DAAT and always treated respectfully and made to feel that our opinions are valued – 100%.’ 

The following further feedback is from the service user who represented the Panel on our WK Transition Project Board:

‘In my view as a service user representative, the whole transfer went very well without any hiccups; everybody was professional.  As a result of service user requests, the incoming provider attended our Panel meetings at the beginning and end of March to report on the progress of the transfer and allay anxiety.  This was very helpful, and it gave us an insight into the new provider’s ways of working.

It was a pleasure to be asked and involved in this time of change.   I have personally gained confidence, it has helped my recovery and on the whole it has been a great experience for me.  I am very much looking forward to accompanying KDAAT Commissioners on site visits in May.’

A poem from Andy, an Aspire2be (peer support) representative in Maidstone, Kent PbR poem



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