Homecare monitoring tracks visits from staff

Homecare monitoring uses telephones, mobile phones or similar data collection methods to track the times of visits by homecare staff.

The service is well proven with eight companies approved to supply to Local Authorities via ESPO Framework 394/12. Currently over 400,000 carers record their visits using these services.

Data from these visits shows that a minimum of 15% of commissioned care is not being delivered. This represents a loss to the care budget of over £100 million.

Examples of use

Notable successful councils are Kensington & Chelsea (Centralised model) and LB Ealing (Devolved).


About 80 English LAs are currently using homecare monitoring with the best performing making significant savings in payments to care providers and in administration costs.

The upfront investment is very small with the operational cost being about 1% of the care bill but with savings of over 10% of the care bill.

Find out more

Go to www.ezitrackerhomecare.com

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