Examples of how doc@HOME has helped patients and saved money

Case study: NHS South East Essex – NHS Direct/Docobo Ltd

65 patients were monitored over 7 months commencing April 2009.

  • 11.8% reduction in the length of Community Matron face to face visits;
  • 75% reduction in A&E visits;
  • 83% reduction in hospital admissions;
  • 72% reduction in 999 calls ;
  • 56% reduction in GP visits.

Furthermore, 80% of patients and carers who responded believe it has helped them to better understand their condition and to care for themselves.

Case Study: NHS Solent Healthcare promotes self management in patients with COPD

Using doc@HOME®telehealth, patients with COPD were trained to recognise their symptoms and self manage acute exacerbations. Telehealth monitoring enabled earlier detection intervention exacerbations.

The technology allowed the staff to provide and enhanced service without adding to the team.  In December 2009 – December 2010 192 admissions.

Case Study: Managing heart failure patients in Knowsley

A 12 month doc@HOME telehealth pilot in 8 patients with complex heart failure patients was undertaken by partnership between the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley and Knowsley NHS.

Between March 2009 – March 2010 the pilot showed savings of £5600 per patient, with an overall cost saving for the project of £185,000.  The service now continues to be developed.

Case Study: Management of an Elderly Lady with Downs Syndrome

Health and Social care staff at Knowsley utilised doc@HOME telehealth to manage an elderly lady with Downs and respiratory problems, enabling her to stay in her own home and environment, and preventing her from being placed into a Nursing Home.

Not only was she able to continue to live the last days of her life, happy and content in her own home and environment, the team also managed to wean her off oxygen. By not admitting into a nursing home, savings to the social care budget alone were in excess of £35,000

Case Study:  Australian Innovation brought to the UK

In September 2010, Docobo became the UK as sole distributor for Silverchain, Australia of ComCare.

Comcare is a mobile community staff management tool that has grown from the ground up over 17 years of use by a community healthcare organisation.  It is highly relevant to todays UK NHS – it enables the right complete care to be delivered in the right place -  ‘making every intervention count’ – at the lowest possible cost.

It has delivered produce huge benefits to Silver Chain in terms of efficiency and cost savings: a days activity of a nursing team 62 hours of travel reduced to 27 hours; 3708 km reduced to 1620km.

Community clinical IT systems available in the UK have limited logistical functionality, whereas, efficient management of a mobile workforce, which requires delivery of specialist care over widespread rural and urban geographies, is a logistics operation.

ComCare® provides both clinical and logistical functionality, managing staff rosters, travel time, lone worker protection and also access to patient data at the point of care.  Massive savings have been estimated by UK NHS organisations – by one trust £4M from a £500k/year investment.

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