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Coalition Priorities

Promote UK growth through:

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Actions completed last month

3.14.i. Receive first expressions of interest through the investment programme
5.6.iv. Announce deregulatory reforms under Red Tape Challenge Insolvency theme

Actions to be completed this month

2.4.i. Identify qualifications that are little-used by individuals and employers, and announce that state funding will no longer be available
3.4.iv. Set out detailed policy and vision for local growth post 2015, including the size and content of single local growth fund as part of the Spending Review
3.10.i. Tender and announce successful bidder for the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth
5.1.v. Reducing vexatious employment litigation by introducing fairer rules for Employment Tribunals and reforming the operation of Employment Tribunals as proposed by Mr Justice Underhill
5.6.v. Announce deregulatory reforms under Red Tape Challenge Business Services theme