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Actions completed last month

2.1.i. Publish the government’s response to the ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ consultation, including further detail on plans for changes to probation services and structures, any necessary legislation, procurement activity and making best use of local expertise
2.3.i. Establish an Advisory Board on female offenders in the justice system, chaired by the Minister for women
3.2.iii. Review disposals for knife offences and the simple cautions regime and make recommendations
5.2.iv. Abolish committal hearings for either-way cases
5.2.vii. Test and evaluate a number of different flexible criminal justice system models to establish if they are better able to respond to the needs of the public, and particularly victims and witnesses, based on the success of ‘swift justice’ after the 2011 summer riots
6.1.i. Consult on proposals for legal aid transformation to include crime competition, criminal fee changes, civil fee changes, improving credibility

Actions to be completed this month

2.2.i. Undertake a feasibility study inform the evaluation planning process for drug recovery wings, working with the Department of Health
3.1.v. Review the feasibility of building a major new prison capable of holding around 2,000 prisoners, to be located in London, the North West or North Wales
4.1.i. Publish the Government response to the Transforming Youth Custody consultation
5.1.iii. Evaluate the effectiveness of a range of alternative models for the future collection of criminal fines, compliance and enforcement services
5.2.i. Publish strategy and action plan on criminal justice reform
7.1.iv. Consult on the proposals in Lord Justice Leveson’s report relating to data protection and the role of the Information Commissioner’s office

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