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2011 Census
Producing and Delivering Scotland's Data

Outputs from the 2011 Census will be the most comprehensive set of information about Scotland's population.

This section contains all the latest news and updates relating to our progress in producing this data.

Results from Scotland's Census 2011

Please note: the following results are available on the Scotland's Census website 

Release 1B - March 2013
Release 1A - December 2012

Outputs Prospectus - May 2013

The prospectus presents plans for the release of Scotland's 2011 Census results. It describes what results will be available within each of the four phased releases and sets out indicative timings for each.

The prospectus is divided into the following three main areas:

1. Release plans for Scotland's Census results.

2. About Scotland's Census, methods and reference material.

3. Censuses across the UK.

The May version includes revisions to the timing for Release 1C, detail about additional content in that release and further information in relation to plans for Release 2.

Outputs Prospectus - May 2013 (PDF 208 Kb)

Census 2011 - Table Layouts

Key and Quick Statistics
Revised versions of the table layouts for Key Statistics and Quick Statistics (excel 1.4 Mb) are now available. Users may want to view the outline of table layouts in conjunction with the information provided for each release to provide some context for the type of information that will be published in each release. It is important to note that the decision as to whether some tables are included in final publications will depend on successful disclosure control testing. 


News Bulletins

July 2012

ONS and NISRA release first data from 2011 Census for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) released the first data from their 2011 censuses on the 16 July 2012. The data consists of the Population and Household Estimates for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Further information about these releases can be found on the ONS and NISRA websites:-

Office for National Statistics

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

The first release of Scottish data from the 2011 census is scheduled for December 2012. Further information about outputs from Scotland’s census can be found in our prospectus.

August 2011

Scotland’s 2011 Census: Proposed Running Order for Release of Statistical Results
Outlines of our proposals for the provisional running order of the main statistical series of outputs from Scotland’s 2011 Census.

Progress Reports

Update on Statistical Outputs - 12 April 2012 (PDF 104 Kb)

A list of common definitions and acronyms used in these documents is available on our Glossary page.

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