How can I access the data from settings in my local authority?

A nominated person from your local authority will need to contact the Teaching Agency with their name, job title, phone number and email address. 

Once you are registered, you can then sign in and access the data. 

 Can I customise searches?

You will be able to customise a large number of searches from the data; for example 'how many unqualified staff are working in settings' or 'how many men are working in settings'.

 How often can I access the data in the audit tool?

You can access the information at any time once you have received secure log in details.

Please note you will only be able to log in once the Teaching Agency have contacted you or the nominated person (the Early Years workforce lead) with your allocated password. 

 Why can I see settings that are not within my local authority area?

When setting managers, or other nominated individuals, enter information about their setting onto the audit tool they are asked to select their local authority from a drop-down list. When you (the local authority) log into the reporting side of the audit tool you will see a list of the settings that have selected your local authority as being the correct one for them. Sometimes the setting manager may have selected the wrong local authority by mistake. If you can see settings which are not in your local authority contact the Teaching Agency.

 Why is the number of childminders in my local authority lower when I do an advanced search than my local authority dashboard?

Some childminders have not completed the details about their qualification when they have created their audit tool account. This means that they appear as a childminder on your local authority dashboard because they have put details about their service in, e.g. name, opening hours, etc. However, as they have not completed any personal or qualification information, the system cannot report on them as an individual when you do an advanced search.

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