Protecting the public purse

Counter fraud

The Audit Commission is the leading body working with local government to combat fraud and corruption.

We support local government in the following ways.

Protecting the Public Purse (PPP) reports

Each year we publish a Protecting the Public Purse report on fraud in local government.

PPP gives details on amounts of detected fraud, warns of fraud risks and promotes best practice.

Fraud and corruption survey and reporting

We conduct an annual survey on detected fraud and corruption and counter fraud arrangements in local government.

Local government’s external auditors also need to report to the Commission all fraud of £10,000 and over and all incidents of corruption.

Fraud briefings

Fraud briefings help councils know how well they are doing by comparing their amounts of detected fraud and counter fraud measures with other councils.

Changing Organisational Cultures (COC)

COC helps organisations develop antifraud cultures by use of surveys and workshops.

Fraud risks in parish and town councils and schools

We have produced two leaflets for use by parish and town councillors and school governors about the risks of fraud in their organisations.


Contact us

For further details contact Alan Bryce, Head of Counter Fraud or Duncan Warmington, Technical Manager.

National Fraud Initiative (NFI)

Follow this link for details about the National Fraud Initiative (NFI).