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Recent ONS articles and publications using the LS

Mortality of the ‘Golden Generation’: what can the ONS Longitudinal Study tell us? 
Shayla Goldring, Nigel Henretty, Julie Mills, Kate Johnson, Steve Smallwood.
(Population Trends 145 Autumn 2011) 
This article details preliminary research carried out using the LS to try to understand better why the generations born around 1930 exhibit higher rates of mortality improvement than the generations either side of them. 

Deriving trends in Life Expectancy by the NS-SEC using the ONS LS
Brian Johnson
(Health Statistics Quarterly, No 49, Spring 2011)
In 2001 the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS- SEC), replaced Registrar General’s social class (RGSC) for the purposes of official statistics. This paper describes the challenges involved in producing an analogous series of trends in life expectancy by NS-SEC to that by RGSC, the approach adopted, and publishes the first results of the new series. 

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