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Training and Consultancy

Statistical Training Unit

The Statistical Training Unit (STU) is based at the ONS and is the key provider of statistical training for ONS and GSS staff.  The aims of the training provided are to update and refresh statistical skills and knowledge by providing courses that map onto the GSG Competency Framework and offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  STU coordinates, develops and delivers statistical training courses and workshops that are delivered by methodological experts in the field of Official Statistics.

Courses and workshops we offer

STU delivers the following courses and workshops:

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For further information about any of the courses and workshops we offer, please contact us at the following address:


Methodology Advisory Service (MAS)

The Methodology Advisory Service (MAS) is one of the UK's leading providers of expert methodological advice.  As part of Methodology in ONS, we offer advice and guidance across the public sector.

Our aims are to improve the quality and value for money of statistical outputs and promote best practice for the greater public good.

  • We advise on methodology best practice and on setting and improving standards.

  • We give support on meeting the requirements for the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

  • We help organisations prepare for UK Statistics Authority assessment and respond to assessment recommendations.

  • We provide training programmes and workshops in conjunction with the ONS’s Statistical Training Unit.

Our service is available to the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and the wider public sector - local, regional, national and international - and is provided by teams of experts in different aspects of statistical and survey methodology.

MAS has access to a wide range of expertise and offers advisory services in the following specialist areas:

  • Methodological advice on all aspects of the production and analysis of data,

  • Hands-on development of surveys or statistical outputs,

  • Feasibility studies,

  • Methodological research to address complex problems,

  • Quality assurance of statistical methods or outputs,

  • Cross-cutting reviews of statistical processes and methods across a department's statistical work,

  • Evaluation of competing statistical sources,

  • UK Statistics Authority pre-assessment health check,

  • Independent application of the National Statistics Quality and Methods Harmonisation Tool.

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Work is undertaken on an individual project basis with services charged on a cost recovery basis. For more information please contact us at the following address:

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