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Accessibility features

Viewing schemes

This site offers three different viewing schemes, accessed by the controls in the masthead at the top of each page.

These controls are visually represented as three boxes with the letter A (shown below) or with the following descriptions:.

  1. Default scheme

  2. Dyslexia scheme

  3. High visibility scheme

Accessibility logo

Browser features

Depending on what browser you are using, you can access a number of other features to help you access material online more easily.

For the latest information visit the BBC’s My Web My Way.

Accessibility statement

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to the widest range of people possible.

If you have any suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site or if you have difficulty using any part of it, please contact us. We welcome all feedback.

This website has been designed to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web Accessibility Initiative (WCAG WAI) v1.0 double-A standard, which is the current UK Government recommendation.

ONS is only responsible for content that is specifically part of the ONS website. We have no control over the content or security of other content and you follow any link at your own risk.

This website includes a large body of legacy content that dates from the previous ONS website.

This content is not all accessible to the WCAG WAI v1.0 double-A standard and making all of this content retrospectively accessible would not be an effective use of our resources.

We are monitoring the most frequently accessed documents that fall into this category and embarking on a program of converting these to an accessible format.

ONS will occasionally use ways of presenting data and analysis online that are not accessible to the WCAG WAI v1.0 double-A standard in order to aid interpretation and enhance accessibility for some groups of users.

When we do this, we will take all possible steps to ensure that an alternative version is made available in an accessible format that does meet the standard.

Examples of this might include providing a transcript for video or audio content or providing a data download to provide the data used in an animated presentation.

Further details on accessibility are available in our Accessibility Policy.

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