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Social Care Record Guarantee

The Social Care Record Guarantee for England sets out the rules that govern how service user information is used within both Adults and Children's Social Care Services and what control individuals can have over this. It is based on professional guidelines, best practice and the law and applies to both paper and electronic records. Whilst not a legal document, the Guarantee could be used as the basis for a complaint.

The Social Care Record Guarantee includes information on:

  • people's access to their own records,
  • how access to an individual’s care record will be monitored and policed and what controls are in place to prevent unauthorised access
  • options people have to further limit access,
  • access in an emergency,
  • what happens when someone is unable to make decisions for themselves.

Social Care Record Guarantee (PDF, 84Kb)

The Guarantee was developed by the Electronic Social Care Record Implementation Board chaired by Glen Mason, Director of Social Care Leadership and Performance (Department of Health) and David Johnstone (then Director of Adult Social Services for Devon County Council).

It has been endorsed or supported by the Department of Education, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, the Association of Directors of Children Social Services, the Local Government Association, the UK Council of Caldicott Guardians, CAFCASS, the Information Commissioner's Office, 11 million (formerly the Children's Commissioner).

The delivery of joined up care requires effective and accurate sharing of information between health and social care. The NHS Care Record Guarantee for England and the Social Care Record Guarantee for England together form a basis for transparent, legal and secure information sharing.

The guarantee was launched in 2009 and will be regularly reviewed by the National Information Governance Board following review by the Strategic Improving Information Programme (SIIP) to ensure it remains clear and continues to reflect the law, professional guidelines and best information governance practice.

Harry Cayton, Chair of the NIGB and David Behan, Director General of Social Care, have written to all local authorities in England about the new guarantee (PDF, 21Kb)