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NIGB works with a number of key partner and stakeholder organisations:

Department of Health

The NIGB Director attends the monthly meetings of the senior management team of the Technology Office, which provides the Department of Health Sponsor for the NIGB. NIGB liaises with senior managers at the Technology Office on a daily basis on operational issues and is involved in ongoing discussion across the Department’s Informatics Directorate and beyond around developing the future state of health informatics. NIGB is also engaged in dialogue and regular meetings with a number of other significant stakeholders within the Department of Health, including the Chief Medical Officer, the Public Health England transition team, and the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (formerly Research Capability Programme) Director.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Regular meetings are in place between NIGB managers and the CQC transition team, with a view to strengthening links and developing mechanisms by which certain NIGB functions might transfer into the CQC, as proposed in the Health and Social Care Bill currently proceeding through Parliament. CQC staff regularly attend NIGB Board meetings.

National Research Ethics Service (NRES)

NIGB works closely with NRES in relation to the process for research applications under the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002. As at March 2012, the Director of NRES is also interim Chief Executive of the new Health Research Authority, so the existing working relationship between NRES and NIGB is being taken forward and strengthened between NIGB and the HRA.

Health Research Authority (HRA)

The HRA was established in December 2011 and is currently the proposed destination for some of the functions currently carried out by the NIGB (specifically, support under the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002 for research applications). Dialogue is ongoing between NIGB and HRA and the HRA attended the February 2012 NIGB Board meeting.

NHS Commissioning Board Authority

The NHS Commissioning Board Authority was established in October 2011 and is involved in dialogue with NIGB and the Department of Health on the future state of health informatics, where it is proposed that the NHS Commissioning Board will lead on informatics strategy.

UK Council of Caldicott Guardians

The UK Council of Caldicott Guardians is one of the organisations entitled to send a Representative Member to the NIGB. The current Representative Member was elected Deputy Chair of the NIGB with effect from February 2012.

Allied Health Professions Federation

The Allied Health Professions Federation is one of the organisations entitled to send a Representative Member to the NIGB.

NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation is one of the organisations entitled to send a Representative Member to the NIGB and has been closely involved in discussions around NIGB events, including the June 2012 NIGB workshops.

British Medical Association (BMA)

The BMA is one of the organisations entitled to send a Representative Member to the NIGB. The BMA has been closely engaged with NIGB in the production of NIGB’s transition guidance documents and in responses to the Health and Social Care Bill.

Academy of Medical Sciences

The Academy of Medical Sciences sends a Representative Member to the NIGB and focuses on articulating the concerns and issues of the research community in order to balance the public interest in the viability of research against the public interest in privacy and confidentiality of health records.

Royal Colleges

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the Royal College of Nursing both send a Representative Member to the NIGB. The Academy has worked closely with NIGB in producing and approving the NIGB transition guidance and responses to the Health and Social Care Bill.

Local Government

NIGB works closely with the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, both of which send Representative Members to the NIGB, on issues affecting social care.

Independent/private sector

NIGB works with the independent sector primarily through the NIGB Representative Member from Independent Healthcare Advisory Services. Key concerns from the sector are fed back to NIGB through this route, and where necessary via NIGB to the Department of Health. In 2011 significant areas of interest for the independent sector included Registration Authority smartcards and the Summary Care Record service. The NIGB Director has also attended the Independent Sector IT Council to update them on ongoing NIGB projects. NIGB also work closely with Apira, particularly with regard to arranging information governance events, including the forthcoming June 2012 NIGB workshops.

Corresponding Advisers

NIGB has formal corresponding adviser arrangements in place with the General Medical Council, Medical Protection Society, Strategic Health Authority Chief Information Officers Council, and Ministry of Defence. Corresponding advisers do not typically attend NIGB Board meetings unless there is an agenda item matching their key area of interest, but are a valuable advice resource for the NIGB and meet periodically with the NIGB Director.

Devolved Administrations

NIGB maintains strong links with the devolved Welsh and Scottish administrations to encourage a joined-up approach to information governance advice across the different jurisdictions. The Wales Information Governance Board, WIGB (formerly NIGAG) and NIGB send observers to each other’s Board meetings. NHS Scotland also sends an observer to attend NIGB Board meetings and has collaborated with NIGB to hold an information governance event in Scotland.

NHS Information Centre

NIGB works closely with the NHS Information Centre, including regular director-level meetings and meetings between the NIGB Chair and Information Centre Chief Executive. Information Centre directors regularly attend both NIGB Board and NIGB Ethics and Confidentiality Committee meetings to update on major issues including the development of the Information Centre’s own in-house data management environment. The relationship has been strengthened further by the appointment of Neil Serougi, an NIGB Public Member, as inaugural Chair of the Information Centre’s new General Practice Extraction Service Independent Advisory Group, with effect from February 2012.

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

The NIGB Director and managers regularly meet ICO counterparts. ICO sends an observer to each NIGB Board meeting, and the two organisations collaborate on conferences and events and on publications including the NIGB transition guidance documents. Following discussion with the NIGB Board in December 2011, an outline work plan is in place for closer joint working between the NIGB and ICO.

Information Standards Board (ISB)

NIGB and ISB have a close working relationship, with a shared Information Governance Lead employed by both organisations and collaboration in the development and approval of new information standards such as a de-identification standard, and regular meetings between the ISB and NIGB Chairs. The NIGB Director also attends ISB Board meetings.