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Register of approved section 251 applications

The Register (last updated 19 March 2013) details all applications that have received section 251 approval. It contains a summary of the activity, details of the identifiers approved and contact details for the applying organisation.

For convenience, the Register is divided into three documents as follows:

How to search the Register of approved applications

  1. When in the Index worksheet of the appropriate document, hold ctrl + F
  2. Select "Options"
  3. Under "Look in" select the drop down field "Values"
  4. Enter search term in "Find What"
  5. Select "Find Next"

Each application entry will show a 'next review date' if this date has passed but the entry still shows approved it is likely that an annual review has either not been submitted or is in the process of approval. If you are a data controller checking that a study has valid approval please contact the NIGB office for confirmation in cases like this.

If you are an applicant and you think there is an error with your entry, or if any of the details have changed please let us know promptly so this can be amended.

If you have any queries regarding the Register please contact the NIGB office on 0207 004 1539.