The National Information Governance Board has closed. This website is no longer being updated. Please refer to the home page for further information.

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NIGB Office

NIGB and ECC Members and functions are supported by a staff team led by the NIGB Director.

NIGB Director – Alan Doyle

Dr Alan Doyle is Director of NIGB and provides the strategic leadership for the Secretariat Team, supports the strategic aims of the Board and ensures Stakeholder relationships are maintained across health and social care.  It is an important part of his role to horizon scan on current developments in Information Governance and ensure that matters are brought to the Board’s attention in a timely and effective manner. Wherever necessary this can mean the establishment of Working Groups to produce published advice and guidance. Business, operational and communication strategies are produced, published and linked through to the Department of Health Informatics Directorate as a member of the Chief Technology Officer’s Senior Management Team.

NIGB Operations Manager - Mathew Fry

The Operations Manager‘s role is to lead the team to deliver both the statutory and business objectives of the NIGB through significant change. This includes the secretariat functions of the NIGB, ECC and work areas out of the Business Improvement Programme. The role also supports the Director in development of effective working relationships with key stakeholders and works closely with the Information Governance Lead to ensure smooth running across both the IG and ECC functions of the NIGB.

NIGB Information Governance Lead – Deborah Terry (Acting) 

Deborah Terry is the acting Information Governance Lead for the Board providing information governance support on a range of Information governance aspects, in particular on legal requirements, proposed legislative changes and the parliamentary process, and managing the NIGB Advice and Engagement Team which includes the NHS and Social Care Leads. Collectively the team provides support to the Board by identifying issues of concern which should be brought to the attention of the Board including those of IG professionals working locally and regionally in both health and adult social care. The team also develops advice and guidance on behalf of the Board to support best practice and the lawful processing of confidential patient and service user information. Their work also involves working with organisations both locally and nationally to communicate NIGB views and to promote best practice.

NIGB Approvals Manager – Natasha Dunkley

The NIGB Approvals Manager manages the secretariat function supporting the NIGB Ethics and Confidentiality Committee (ECC), and ensures that the ECC’s statutory functions are carried out. She supports and advises ECC in the development of agenda, policy interpretation and communication to internal and external audiences. It includes working with stakeholders on complex and specialist applications such as the Research Capability Programme and NHS Information Centre, and delivering bespoke training to the academic and research community. She is working with other bodies to deliver training on consent, confidentiality and other aspects on information governance.