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NICE Accreditation

The NICE Accreditation Programme assesses the quality of the processes followed by guidance producers so that users can recognise sources of quality information.

Accredited organisations can display the Accreditation Mark on guidance produced to the approved process - the ‘seal of approval’ that assures health and social care professionals that they are accessing some of the best information available to make informed decisions about patient care.

Accredited guidance is signposted by an Accreditation Mark:


The NICE Accreditation Programme pages have moved

The NICE Accreditation Programme is a core NICE service with links to the quality standards programme. To reflect its role within NICE the accreditation programme pages have moved from NHS Evidence to the NICE website,, you will find the following:

Accreditation process
Get involved
Accreditation advisory committee
Case studies
Frequently asked questions
Public consultation
NICE accreditation decisions
Accreditation application form
Accreditation external advisers

Please continue to use the search facilities on this site (NHS Evidence) to search for Accredited guidance.