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Public Health Information


View the research, evidence and guidance on best practice relating to the health of the population


Public health resources on NICE Evidence Search


NICE Evidence Search covers a wide range of information of interest to those working to improve the health of the population. This includes guidance, systematic reviews of research, implementation tools and practical examples from people working in the field. A ‘public health’ filter and public health specific topic pages have been developed to assist your search. But please also take a look at the clinical topics and resources as many of these also include information of relevance to public health.


NICE Pathways

NICE Pathways

NICE Pathways brings together all NICE recommendations and related products on a topic in a simple, user-friendly interface. They provide a more intuitive way for you to find and use the NICE guidance you need. NICE Pathways on public health topics include:


Public Health Topic Pages

NICE Pathways

Panel features

  • 1


    The most relevant search results on this topic for NICE public health guidance, guidance accredited by NICE, guidance issued by the UK National Screening Committee and guidance documents on public health from the Department of Health and NICE Evidence Services ‘Evidence Updates’.

  • 2

    Implementation tools

    The most relevant search results on this topic for products developed to support the implementation of evidence based practice in public health.

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    Case studies

    The most relevant search results on this topic for case studies which have undergone some quality assurance or review.

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    Information for the public

    The most relevant search results for this topic from producers of information for the public accredited by the DH Information Standard

Tailored specifically for public health with sliding panels displaying search results for Guidance; Implementation tools; Case studies and Information for the public.

Topics include:


Topic pages are also available for Clinical and Medicines information.

View the A-Z list showing all our current topic pages.


Help us to develop our service for public health

NICE Evidence Services is working with the public health community to continually improve the service to them. We welcome your input to these developments.

Please email your comments and suggestions.