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National Clinical Coding Qualification (UK)

The NHS Classifications Service works collaboratively with national agencies to support greater recognition of clinical coders as health informatics professionals.

A minimum national standard qualification for clinical coders supports high quality coded clinical data, recognises competence and values the work of clinical coders.

Accreditation of clinical coders aims to.

  • Provide recognition of the clinical coding profession
  • Support the recruitment and on-going assessment of clinical coding staff
  • Give organisations confidence in data quality
  • Provide a recognised benchmark.
  • Supports Trust attainment of Requirement 510, Level 2 within Information Governance.

The Institute for Health Record and Information Management (IHRIM) deliver the National Clinical Coding Qualification (UK) and candidates who pass both IHRIM practical and theory examination papers are awarded Accredited Clinical Coder (ACC) status by IHRIM.

A novice clinical coder needs to agree a development plan with their employer to complete the necessary training, acquire the skills and work experience to achieve accreditation and become a competent clinical coder.

The breadth of coding skills and knowledge which covered by the National Clinical Coding Examination are derived from the framework of the clinical coder curriculum in the UK.

For more about the qualification, choose from the links below.

Information about IHRIM membership and NCCQ (UK) registration can be found at www.ihrim.co.uk.