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What we’re doing

The government wants the NHS to deliver better results, giving patients more choice and doctors and nurses more freedom to shape services that meet patients’ needs.


  1. Making the NHS more efficient and less bureaucratic

    The government wants the NHS to become more efficient to free up funds for treating patients and keeping up with new treatments.

  2. Reducing harmful drinking

    The government is making it easier for people who drink to do so responsibly, and it is improving alcohol services locally.

  3. Increasing research and innovation in health and social care

    The government wants to encourage research and innovation in the NHS and use evidence to help raise standards in health and social care.

  4. Improving quality of life for people with long term conditions

    People with conditions like diabetes, asthma and heart disease should have an early diagnosis and high-quality treatment, care and support.

  5. Making mental health services more effective and accessible

    The government is making mental wellbeing a priority and looking at how to make mental health services as effective as possible.

  6. Protecting patients from avoidable harm

    The government wants to make sure that health and social care services are safe for patients and adults in vulnerable situations.

  7. Helping people make informed choices about health and social care

    The government is making changes to give people more information, choice and control over health and social care services.

  8. Improving care for people at the end of their life

    The government wants people approaching the end of their life to be treated with dignity and to be able to die in a place of their choice.

  9. Reducing drugs misuse and dependence

    The government is helping people make a full recovery from drug addiction and is discouraging people from misusing illegal drugs in the first place.

  10. Helping more people survive cancer

    We’re improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and helping survivors to live more comfortably.

  11. Making sure health and social care services work together

    The government wants health and social care services to work together more efficiently so that people get the right combination of care.

  12. Planning for health emergencies

    In emergency situations, the government wants to be ready to protect people’s health and prevent deaths.

  13. Treating patients and service users with respect, dignity and compassion

    The government is making changes to the health and social care system to put respect for patients and service users first.

  14. Giving all children a healthy start in life

    The government is improving children’s chances later in life by helping parents keep their children healthy and safe from pregnancy onwards.

  15. Improving care for people with dementia

    The government wants to improve health and care services, create more dementia-friendly communities and make dementia research a priority.