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Adult social care

The use of the NHS Number in social care environments has been endorsed to support health and social care integration. The following extract has been taken from the Department of Health's, 'Use of NHS Number in social care' policy statement.

"The NHS Number must be used as the primary means of linking and identifying NHS records relating to the care and treatment provided to identifiable service users, and may be used for these purposes by organisations providing social care services. Other organisations and individuals providing, supporting the provision of, or assessing the need for, NHS and social care services may also process the NHS Number where the purpose is to link, or facilitate the linkage or, records of care and treatment." - Department of Health policy extract

The NHS Number is the only national unique patient identifier used to link a person to their healthcare record. It supports safer patient identification practices by helping to access a person's record more easily and accurately.

When used within social care, the NHS Number will help to improve the speed and efficiency of the person's journey, helping to provide coordinated health and social care for that individual.

Health and Social Care integration will result in improved care for service users by ensuring co-ordination of their full care pathway and that their current needs are met accurately and efficiently.

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