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NHS CFH Information Governance Programme Board

The NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance (IG) Programme Board is responsible for the management of overall Information Governance activities in line with the Strategic Policy.

It covers the activities through the lifecycle from Policy Interpretation to In-Service support, which span across a multitude of teams within NHS Connecting for Health.

In addition, it :

  • identifies any policy areas relevant to the programme not established, or where it believes review is necessary and refers to the National Programme Board or the National Information Governance Board for Health and Social Care (NIGB) as appropriate, offering any relevant advice in consultation with the Digital Information & Health Policy Directorate;
  • offers advice and guidance on issues referred to it by in particular the NIGB;
  • ensures that there is appropriate stakeholder involvement in any issue it puts forward or responds to;
  • ensures that appropriate policy, guidance and advice is made available to all NHS CFH programmes, the Requirement Analysis, Design, Technical Assurance, Operational Security, Infrastructure Security, RA and Communications Teams and the ITB in NHS CFH, application providers, LSPs, and NASPs with regard implementation of IG Policy, and
  • monitors the implementation of IG policy throughout the programme and ensure corrective action is put in hand where necessary.

It does not cover the setting of Policy at a ministerial and strategic level. There is a close working relationship with the Department of Health through the Director of Digital Information and Health Policy. Engagement with the Clinical Advisory discipline in NHS CFH will be through the Chief Clinical Officer.

The NHS CFH IG Programme Board is responsible for the NHS CFH IG Operations Group, which it will direct the work of this Group.

This Group is led by the Director of Information Governance and a National Clinical Director, and has core membership of the principal stakeholders.

The NHS CFH IG Programme Board is chaired by the Chief Clinical Officer and supported by the Director of Information Governance.

Information Governance review

In 2006, the National Programme Board asked Harry Cayton - then the National Director for Patients and the Public and Chair of the Care Record Development Board, now the Chief Executive of the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence - to carry out a high level review of Information Governance in the Department of Health and the wider NHS.

The review and its recommendations have been approved by the National Programme Board, the Department of Health Management Board and are supported by Ministers.

Please read the information governance review (PDF 87Kb).