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Leadership and governance

The effective leadership of services within the NHS and across the social and voluntary care sectors can often be seen as the cornerstone of what makes organisations flourish, not only in embracing all new technologies and exploiting using information, but in creating a culture where quality and productivity thrives.

Leading the Capable Organisation

There are various aspects to leadership which when given time and recognition for their development, further strengthen the overall effectiveness of organisations and communities.

Much focus is on talent management, and general leadership skills and development across the NHS, but the primary focus here aims to promote the culture of an 'Informatics Capable Organisation'.

The leadership role

Strong leadership is needed from Chief Executives and Boards of Directors, as well as clinical leaders and leaders of the information and IT professions.

Those acting in the role of Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) will need to create a culture within their organisation where the use of information and technology is seen as integral to health and care, establishing a dual-dialogue between service improvement and informatics.

Below you will find links to useful resources and materials to achieve these goals. Some are inspiring case studies, whilst others are tools to build capability, plus signposting to leadership development and knowledge assets;