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System evaluation and selection

ePrescribing can support the entire medicines use process, enabling medications to be managed electronically from prescribing through to supply and administration. The resources here, although no longer maintained, may be useful to trusts planning ePrescribing implementations.

This section contains information about what ePrescribing systems could and should be capable of, and how to evaluate those that are available.

Identifying local minimum requirements for an ePrescribing system - July 2009

This guidance identifies key questions which trusts should ask when considering their minimum system requirements (PDF, 158Kb) for ePrescribing and highlights useful resources available on the programme's web pages.

ePrescribing system evaluation - January 2009

An evaluation of a number of ePrescribing systems was conducted involving system evaluation, usability reviews and site visits. The process was carried out with the active participation of a number of practising clinicians including doctors, nurses and pharmacists. A report and supporting documents are available to NHS staff (N3 connection required).

ePrescribing reporting guidelines - November 2007

The ability to generate appropriate clinical, management and financial reports can add real value to the introduction of ePrescribing. Clinicians and other stakeholders contributed to the development of guidance on the reporting requirements (PDF, 198Kb) associated with ePrescribing systems, which supplements the information included in the ePrescribing functional specification.

ePrescribing functional specification - January 2007

The functional specification (PDF, 498Kb) was published after an extensive clinical engagement process. The document contains a set of functional requirements for ePrescribing systems to be used primarily within acute settings in the NHS in England. The document was developed as an aid to software development but may also be of interest to doctors, nurses, midwives and pharmacists - indeed all healthcare professionals with a role in the prescribing, administration and supply of medicines.