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National Demographics User Group

National demographics services are widely-used by NHS organisations and their partners in health and social care provision.

Among other things, they enable patients to be readily identified by staff and associated with care records, for data in these records to be shared between care providers, and for patients to be correctly registered and associated with health care planning and commissioning agencies. The patient's NHS Number is extensively and increasingly used as the key identifier and link, in line with national policy and patient safety advice

Whilst these services are well-established, new and changing requirements, along with operational issues, mean that there is a need for continuous improvement and enhancement to the services, as well as improved advice, guidance and support for users and system suppliers.

The National Demographics user group has therefore been re-established with a wider representation of key stakeholders in order to utilise the experience of national NHS demographics services users. This will help users to shape and prioritise the development, delivery and enhancement of these services, and to ensure that their use is optimised.

The user group is also used to share and cascade news of programme plans and progress, highlight current priorities and promote any training and education opportunities to users of national demographics services.

27 June 2012

21 March 2012

14 September 2011

09 May 2011

If you have any questions about the user group, please contact demographics@nhs.net