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Domain Names

A domain name locates a trust or other health entity on the internet, or intranet or the NHS N3 network. For example, the domain name 'www .yourorg.nhs.uk' (or nww for the N3 network).

This locates an Internet address for "yourorg.nhs.uk" at a specific internet protocol (IP) address and a particular host server named "www". Together, "www.yourorg.nhs.uk" constitutes a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN).

Website (DNS) Registration

Use this NHS Address Registration Service domain name system (DNS) form.

Domain name system (DNS) FAQs

Find our domain name system FAQs, such as 'How do I register my url?' and 'What are the NHS Guidelines for naming websites?'

DNS Forwarders on N3

Correct configuration of local DNS servers and client PCs is essential for effective, reliable name resolution.

The information about DNS Forwarders (N3 connection required) contains DNS configuration advice for IT administrators within NHS organisations. Note: an N3 Connection is required to view this information.

DNS and Mail Lookup using 'nslookup'

NSlookup is a command line utility used to troubleshoot network DNS problems by displaying relevant records for that domain name.

Please follow the step-by-step guide to check your DNS and Mail Records using NSlookup (N3 connection required).

Note: An N3 Connection is required to view this information.

DNS Cleansing: improving the performance of N3 Name Servers

Follow DNS Cleansing guidance (N3 connection required) to unregister redundant or obsolete 'nhs.uk' namespaces.

Note: An N3 Connection is required to view these documents.

DNS Naming Schema for Spine End Points

Download the DNS Naming Schema (PDF, 46Kb).

'nhs.uk' namespace: NHS Connecting for Health policy

Download the 'nhs.uk' Namespace: NHS Connecting for Health policy.