Within the Department, programme management is defined as the coordinated organisation, direction and implementation of a group of projects and, transformation and/or change activities to achieve improved outcomes for children, young people and families.

Like all other public sector organisations, the Department exists within an environment of constant change. The drivers for such change include developments and innovations in technology, changes in working practices (including out-sourcing, partnerships and joint working), increased demands for efficiency and value for money in terms of delivery, increased demands from and for better regulation and, the need to deliver radical reform to improve frontline services for children and young people.

The Department has learned how to transform itself through the establishment and maintenance of effective leadership and strategic control. Programme management has been recognised by those leading on this change as a key tool to enable organisations to manage such transformation.

This website is primarily intended for those involved in the establishment, direction, management, support and delivery of programmes. It provides guidance - based upon the Department’s experience of successfully applying programme management disciplines to its work, change and policy programmes - for use by programme managers, change managers and programme office staff. It also provides guidance for leaders, owners and sponsors of programmes of change.