The Munro Review of Child Protection is part of a national drive to improve the quality of child protection services. The aim of this report is to set out for discussion the characteristics of an effective child protection system, and the reforms that might help to create such a system.

This report is called The Child’s Journey, referring to the child’s journey from needing to receiving effective protection from abuse and neglect. It covers a number of areas, including work with children and families who have not yet met the threshold for child protection.

This is the second report of The Munro Review of Child Protection in England commissioned in June 2010 by the Secretary of State for Education.

The review’s first report in October 2010 Child Protection: A Systems Analysis described the child protection system in recent times as one that has been shaped by four key driving forces.

The final report, A child-centred system, was published in May 2011 and sets out proposals for reform.


  • Introduction
  • Getting help early
  • Child and family social work
  • Managing frontline social work
  • Shared learning and accountability
  • Conclusion
  • Annexes