On 20 January 2011, the Secretary of State for Education announced that the Department for Education would lead a review of the National Curriculum in England. It aimed to give teachers greater professional freedom over how they organise and teach the curriculum, and to ensure that the content of the National Curriculum compares favourably with the most successful international curricula in the highest performing jurisdictions.

The call for evidence was announced and opened alongside the launch of the review. Interested parties were invited to respond to a series of questions dealing with the issues being considered by the review.

This report summarises the response to the call for evidence for the National Curriculum review for England. The call for evidence was open from 20 January to 14 April 2011, during which time 5763 responses were submitted.


  • Executive Summary
  • Summary of Responses
  • Parent questions
  • General views on the National Curriculum
  • English, mathematics, science and physical education
  • Other subjects currently in the National Curriculum
  • Supporting and recognising progress
  • International comparisons
  • Transition
  • Implementation
  • Other issues