It is only through reforming education that we can allow every child the chance to take their full and equal share in citizenship, shaping their own destiny, and becoming masters of their own fate.

Throughout history, most individuals have been the victims of forces beyond their control. But education provides a route to liberation from these imposed constraints. Education allows individuals to choose a fulfilling job, to shape the society around them, to enrich their inner life. It allows us all to become authors of our own life stories.

It is only through whole-system reform that education can be transformed to make a nation one of the world’s top performers.

This White Paper outlines the steps necessary to enact such whole-system reform in England. It encompasses both profound structural change and rigorous attention to standards. It includes a plan for attracting and training even better teachers. It outlines a direction of travel on the curriculum and qualifications which allows us to learn from, and outpace, the world’s best.

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  • Introduction – the future of schools
  • Teaching and Leadership
  • Behaviour
  • Curriculum, Assessment and Qualifications
  • New Schools System
  • Accountability
  • School Improvement
  • School Funding