Public Health England update

Professor David Heymann has been confirmed as chair of Public Health England’s (PHEs) Advisory Board. Professor Heymann who is currently chair of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) will take up post formally on 1 April 2013 when PHE becomes fully operational. He has been acting chair since July.

Dr Kevin Fenton has been appointed as PHE’s Director of Health Improvement and Population Healthcare. Dr Fenton will be joining the PHE team from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta in early January.  Some PHE regional and centre directors appointments will be announced this month and the remainder early in the New Year. Outcomes of lift and shift and competitive matching for the majority of other PHE posts will be notified to sender organisation and their staff over the same time scale.

The second module of PHE’s People Transition Policy, found at: (Gateway No 18439) which  sets out the terms and conditions for staff on transfer into PHE, and the new terms and conditions for staff joining after 1 April 2013, was published last week.

As part of the detailed planning for commencing shadow running on 1 January 2013 and establishing Public Health England on 1 April 2013, almost 900 milestones are being monitored across the programme and the vast majority are on track or completed.

Infrastructure and support services

A wide-ranging Infrastructure and Support Services Project relating to the back-office elements of the PHE transition programme is ongoing. This addresses finance, information and communication technology (ICT), estates and other support activities. These are all on track to ensure PHE has the appropriate corporate functions and infrastructure in place from its commencement date of 1 April 2013 and is able to adapt to future needs

Knowledge and Intelligence

The Knowledge and Intelligence team (K&I) for PHE have been making good progress on transition both within PHE’s central organisation and in the eight network areas. A shadow senior management team has been established to oversee the business and planning of PHE’s Chief Knowledge Officer Directorate. This group is overseeing the transition from sender organisations into PHE and is responsible for creating a national leadership role for the K&I team within PHE

The emphasis so far in designing the K&I functions of PHE has been to develop a deep understanding of what the public health system will require from PHE nationally and locally, with the aim to position resources to be able to provide it either directly or in partnership with others.  A new emphasis over the next three months will be on supporting work on the new health improvement priorities as they emerge. More information can be found in the new Chief Knowledge Officer’s Directorate Transition bulletin   Please send any comments to the team at



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