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Farm Business Survey publications

The Farm Business Survey provides information on the financial position and physical and economic performance of farm businesses in England, to inform policy decisions on matters affecting farm businesses and to enable analysis of impacts of policy options. Survey results typically give comparisons between groups of businesses, for example between regions or between types of farm. The results attracting most attention are on farm incomes and on productivity. Some of the results are produced and published by Defra, whilst others are produced and published by Rural Business Research team.

Latest Defra publications

Farm rents published on 16/02/2012

Farm accounts published on 18/12/2012

Previous Defra publications

The following Defra publications are also available:

Publications Last update Next update
Farm accounts 18/12/2012 tba
Income time series 12/02/2013 tba
Animal health planning in England 26/03/2011 tba
Energy use on farms 22/10/2009 tba
Farm diversification 27/01/2011 Results now included in farm accounts
Farm business incomes by farm type 31/01/2013 tba
Farm household incomes 30/08/2012 tba
Farm management practices 01/03/2010 tba
Farm rents 16/02/2012 tba
Milk selling arrangements 21/05/2010 tba
Countryside maintenance and management 28/06/2012 tba
Water usage in agriculture 09/06/2011 tba
Farm Business Survey: Reasons for leaving and potential structural changes within (Section Y) and on exiting the survey September 2011 tba
Farmers Intentions Survey 24/05/2012 tba

The Farm Business Survey is also used in the compilation of the UK aggregate agricultural account (including the Total Income From Farming measure) and results are also available from Defra’s annual publication Agriculture in the United Kingdom.

Rural Business Research publications

The reports produced by Rural Business Research can be obtained from the Rural Business Research (RBR) website.  These results include Government Office Region reports, benchmarking information and the databuilder. See also: RBR Publications. RBR have produced a report providing analysis of the Farmer Segmentation research within the Farm Business Survey. RBR have produced a report on factors determining high and improved levels of farm performance

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