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Strategic Environment Assessment

Department of Trade and Industry
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

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Tue 2nd April 13
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Renewable energy atlas


A project commissioned by DTI (now DECC) to map UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources was completed in 2004. A consortium led by ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) which included the providers of major marine data holdings, provided the renewables sector with an Atlas that indicated areas potentially suitable for the future deployment of renewable energy technologies wind, wave and tidal.

In 2008, an online, interactive webGIS version of the UK Marine Renewable Energy Resources Atlas with improved underlying resource datasets was launched.

The latest Atlas represents the most detailed description of potential marine energy resources completed to date using the best source of wave, tide and offshore wind information available across the UK Continental Shelf.

Other outputs include pre-prepared Atlas maps in PDF format, a technical report and resource data layers (ArcGIS and MapInfo formats), which will all be available to download.

The study was completed as part of DECC's Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process for offshore energy. The SEA process is funded in full by DECC.

To access the Online Renewables Atlas and downloads, please click here.

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