New Video looks at Choice of Any Qualified Provider

A new film, ‘Any Qualified Provider: No Competition on Price; Only Competition on Quality’, has just been released to help informs clinicians, commissioners and patients about choice of Any Qualified Provider (AQP). The film shows how patients in the town of Saltash in Cornwall are beginning to benefit from choice of AQP.

A small independent provider talks about his plan to deliver higher quality hearing services to patients in his local community and a patient representative speaks about their hopes that an increase in providers will reduce waiting times and improve quality.

When a service is commissioned using choice of Any Qualified Provider, any provider which meets the strict NHS standard qualification process, can provide a service locally. An AQP can be from the NHS, charity or independent sector. Patients go to the provider of their choice, based on quality and individual preferences. Competition will be on quality, not price. Services are already being delivered in over 30 different service areas.

The film was developed in partnership with ITN, and was initially shown at the NHS Alliance Conference in November 2012.

You can watch by clicking here: Any Qualified Provider: No Competition on Price; Only Competition on Quality

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