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ARCHIVE: Bovine TB: Research and development

As set out in the Government strategic framework for the sustainable control of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in Great Britain, the Government will continue to develop a sound scientific evidence base by supporting research to improve our understanding of the bovine TB (bTB) and generate new tools, particularly in relation to diagnostics and vaccines. It is hoped that these will deliver the prospect of eventual eradication of bTB in cattle.

Wherever possible, research programmes are carried out in collaboration with researchers in other countries. This has been particularly important in carrying forward research on possible vaccines against bTB in cattle and badgers, where collaboration with researchers in the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand has been established. See the following links for more information on research in the following areas:

Stakeholders want us to be clearer about when results from research in key areas can be expected and how results will be communicated. We agree this is important. Annex B of the TB strategic framework sets out the Science Delivery Plan, which gives details of the current Government-funded research programme on bTB. As part of our commitment to make research results available, we also publish summaries of final reports as they become available.

Useful links and key publications

  • Bovine TB and the use of PCR: Summary of 12 July Meeting (PDF 120 KB) - On 12th July 2010 Defra‚Äôs Chief Scientific Advisor chaired an expert group to consider whether a PCR test could be used to detect infected badgers and/or setts. This summary refers to research carried out under Defra project SE3231. Further details of this are available in our list of current research projects, and the full report will be published shortly.

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