A&E Waiting Times and Activity Information

The responsibility for publishing these statistics has transferred to the NHS Commissioning Board. From the 1st April 2013 these statistics will be found here: http://www.commissioningboard.nhs.uk/statistics


The Weekly A&E collection collects the total number of attendances in the week for all A&E types, including Minor Injury Units and Walk-in Centres, and of these, the number discharged, admitted or transferred within four hours of arrival.

Also included are the number of admissions via A&E, and any waits of over four hours for admission following decision to admit.

Data are shown at provider organisation level, from NHS Trusts, NHS Foundation Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and Independent Sector Organisations.

Data for this collection is available back to November 2010.

Latest data

Weekly A&E Sitreps 2012-13
Weekly A&E Sitreps 2011-12
Weekly A&E Sitreps 2010-11

Quarterly A&E data

A&E Data was also collected quarterly up until Q2 2011-12. The data collection started in 2001-02 and contains a more detailed breakdown of A&E data.

Quarterly A&E data can be found here


Weekly A&E Guidance v1.03 (DOC, 146K)

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