Key milestones and priorities for transforming the DH and health and social care system

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

Quarter 1: April – June 2012


  • DH – Revised learning and development and Talent Management Strategies
  • DH – Olympics planning completed
  • DH – Launch of Capability Action Plan
  • Launch of DH new Senior Leadership Team
  • DH – Occupational Health contract starts
  • PHE Chief Executive; NHS Trust Development Authority (NTDA) and Health Education England (HEE) Chairs appointed
  • HR Transitional Policy and Procedural Framework complete
  • Organisational Design and People Transition Policies (PTPs) complete
  • all new organisations confirm what functions are transferring to them
  • enhancement of UK Clinical Trials Gateway, presenting in accessible form information about trials conducted in the UK.


  • DH – Launch of flexible resource pool, the Project Bank
  • DH Corporate Plan published
  • 1 x NTDA Non-Executive Directors (NED) appointed
  • HEE chair + 1 x HEE NED appointed


  • DH – Staff Pulse Survey
  • 4 x NTDA Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) appointed
  • HEE Chief Exec appointed
  • NHS CB remaining 3 x NEDS appointed
  • Healthwatch Chair appointed
  • all NHS Very Senior Manager (VSM) recruitment complete
  • 1 x Monitor NED appointed.

Quarter 2: July- September 2012


  • Public Health Senior Management recruitment complete
  • Appointments to Health Research Authority (HRA) Board


  • DH – pre-transfer Selection Processes will take place
  • DH – introduction of more effective HR policies to improve the way we handle poor performance
  • DH – new pay strategy
  • DH – new people strategy

Quarter 3: October – December 2012


  • DH – Staff survey commences
  • formal review point – all transition should be very clear; decisions made
  • all transfers identified – receivers and sender organisations advised of mapping, matching, selection outcomes



  • all DH and NHS recruitment complete

Quarter 4 January – March 2013 and Quarter 1, month 1: April 2013




  • complete 70% roll out of the NHS N3 GP Network refresh programme
  • NHS 111 rollout – access to free urgent care number
  • establish ALB centre of excellence
  • all new bodies commence in new form
  • complete pilots to expand patient choice of GP practice
  • funding decisions made on themed – call in surgical research
  • Framework Agreements for Monitor approved by DH
  • transfers, redundancies, recruitment processes and exits complete (March 2013).
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