A heroic app story for clinician engagement

Pictures tell a thousand words and all that. If you can spare 2 minutes, please watch this:

Fire Department App – PSA from Fire Department on Vimeo.

The story behind the app reads like a QIPP dream: collaboration between a local emergency service, a local council and a local university to drive a completely new way of working for improved clinical outcomes and patient safety.

If you have another 2 minutes, I encourage you to read the feedback for this app.

Heroic apps for medical emergencies
Building from this inspiring example, what would an in-hospital app for cardiac arrest look like? I expect clinicians would want to resuscitate cardiac arrest patients in line with best practice guidelines.

So what would the outcome be of crossing existing apps for resuscitation guidelines and ECG measurement?

Then how could an attachment for an Automated External Defibrillators complete the chain, and help intervene in a cardiac arrest?

Crowdsourcing heroic health apps

Whereas in our original Maps and Apps project it would have been useful enough to share these ideas and spread awareness of the Fire Department app, in my opinion the next stage of Maps and Apps needs to focus much more on influencing action.

So if cardiac arrest is an area of focus, then let’s reach out as a community to cardiologists, critical care outreach teams and cardiac specialist nurses. We should ask the Resuscitation Council to share their plans for apps, and ask the makers of iCard ECG to share their vision.

Hopefully this will energise new champions to take the work forward.

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