The main project aimed to produce a mapping of qualifications and training developments across the children and young people’s (CYP) workforce to inform the development of an integrated qualifications framework (IQF).

The project was commissioned as part of the Government’s commitment to learn from the Victoria Climbié case and secure the service implementation of the Green Paper Every Child Matters which highlighted the imperative for children and young people’s services to communicate effectively and work in an integrated way.

The work reported here is drawn from an analysis of data collected and the difficulties, in some cases of acquiring data, or acquiring it in a relevant format. The research raises a number of issues that influence the development of an Integrated Qualifications Framework (IQF) for the children and young people’s (CYP) workforce.


  • Background and context to the study
  • About this report
  • Vision of an IQF
  • Level of qualifications
  • Levels of roles
  • Types of qualification
  • Qualification requirements for specific roles
  • Qualification frameworks within workforce sectors
  • Training versus qualifications versus occupational standards
  • Historical and international qualifications
  • Workforce progression issues
  • Framework user issues
  • Summary of issues and recommendations
  • Details of project reports