PLEASE NOTE: The Training and Development Agency has closed. Its key work and publications have transferred to the Teaching Agency (TA).

The former Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) maintained the major units of funding for employment-based initial teacher training (EBITT) at their AY2010/11 levels. This includes both the training grant and salary grant.

This manual is designed to be a guide to managing the TDA funding for EBITT programmes and represents part two of the financial memorandum between the TDA and providers.

For each provider, a designated responsible officer must ensure compliance with the requirements set out in the memorandum, funding manual, and any other guidance provided by the TDA.

This manual covers the conditions of grant and the main aspects of EBITT funding. There may be exceptional circumstances that are not directly addressed.

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  • Overview
  • EBITT funding
  • Financial management and data
  • EBITT allocations
  • Capital support funding
  • Recruitment premiums
  • Funding recovery (holdback)
  • Data tables
  • Glossary and contacts
  • Operating EBITT
  • Science specialisms