The policy area of ‘employer engagement’ is essentially about building a critical mass of capability and confidence in the HE sector - quickly and effectively so that more institutions treat this agenda as mission critical and more employers and employees commit to higher education with HEIs.

The work reported here is a synthesis of views received from 38 interviews/discussions, involving 67 people, 90 survey responses, and a variety of reports that sought to tease out facilitators, barriers, good practice and suggestions for development in policy and practice.

The work presented in this paper addresses the DIUS employer engagement policy area for HE. The main context is the Leitch report, and particularly the aim to raise HE qualifications in the workforce from 29% to 40% by 2020. The policy area is therefore about growing the market and sustaining it through co-funding. The key stakeholders are: government, HE, the employer and employee.

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  • Overall Conclusions
  • Summary of the Survey Findings and Recommendations
  • Employer Engagement in the wider HE context - The Wedgwood Diversity with Excellence Model
  • Survey Results
  • Key Emergent Issues - Higher Education
  • Key Emergent Issues - Demand
  • Key Emergent Issues - Government Intervention
  • An Emergent New Tradition in HE
  • Recommendations
  • Appendices