The School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (the Document – Section 2 – the statute) which came into force on 1 September 2012, contains the statutory requirements for teachers’ pay and conditions that maintained schools and local authorities in England and Wales must abide by.

The Document is available as one complete download (Sections 1 to 4) free of charge from this website. Copies may be purchased from The Stationery Office website. A Welsh language version of the Document is also available to download from this website.

Local authorities and governing bodies are required to have regard to the statutory guidance, and in respect of guidance on procedural matters a court or tribunal may take any failure to do so into account in any proceedings.

The main changes to the Document since 2011 are as follows:

(a) references to the Teachers’ Standards rather than the Core Standards (for England only)

(b) there have been changes to the annexes in Section 2. Annex 1 no longer includes the Core Standards as these will not apply from 1 September 2012. The Teachers’ Standards (which apply in England from 1 September) and the Practising Teacher Standards (which apply to teachers in Wales) have been included in a new Annex 2 for ease of reference

(c) references reflecting the new arrangements for teacher appraisal in both England and Wales

(d) a teacher employed full-time must be available for work 195 days/1265 hours (the figures for the previous two years having been 194 and 1258.5 respectively due to additional public holidays)

(e) references to the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) have been removed due to the abolition of the GTCE.

A number of amendments, updates and clarifications have been made to the statutory pay guidance in Section 3, in line with the 2012 changes to the Document and comments made in the statutory consultation process.

A copy of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Order 2012 is available from the following website:

Order a hard copy from TSO for £26.00


  • Section 1 - Introductory
  • Section 2 - School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2012
  • Section 3 - Guidance on School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (general)
  • Section 4 - Guidance on changes to the Document resulting from the National Agreement