The evaluation of educational initiatives, such as the Academies programme, raises interesting questions as to the appropriate analytical tools and methodologies to be adopted in the evaluation.

This study examines both the opportunities and remaining problems that these approaches present for the evaluation of educational initiatives and tries to bring these two approaches together to provide appropriate analytical tools for the evaluation of educational initiatives.

The research examined two main literatures which are relevant to this area. The first is the large and growing literature on the assessment of value added in the education sector. The second is the developing literature on programme evaluation in contexts where the conditions for carrying out randomised control trials.


  • Introduction
  • The Value Added Concept
  • Multilevel Approaches
  • The Magnitude of the School Effect
  • Multivariate Approaches
  • Non-Parametric Approaches
  • Aggregation Issues
  • The Explanatory Variables
  • The Functional Form
  • Differential School Effectiveness
  • Measurement Errors and Endogeneity Issues
  • Programme Evaluation and Comparison Groups
  • Extensions of the Evaluation
  • Conclusion