Bullying does not only happen in normal school hours, it can happen anywhere. Children who are badly bullied in school are more likely than others to be bullied outside of it too.

This guidance is aimed at those with responsibility for the safety of children and young people on journeys to and from home, school and leisure activities. This includes transport operators, local authority transport coordinators or commissioners, police and community safety teams, schools, colleges and leisure and play providers. It outlines the possible bullying that might occur on journeys to and from school and public transport and describes steps to prevent it and respond to it effectively.

This document is part of a suite of guidance on preventing bullying outside schools that includes guidance on tackling bullying in various settings. The guidance builds on the existing advice on bullying in schools in: 'Safe To Learn'.


  • Introduction
  • The context
  • Preventing bullying
  • Responding to bullying
  • Further information, advice and support