This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides 2009 information on attainment for Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Assessments by different pupil characteristics, specifically gender, ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals (FSM), special educational needs (SEN) and English as a first language.

It shows:

  • Girls outperformed boys in 11 of the 13 scales of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.
  • A higher proportion of pupils from Irish, Indian, Mixed White and Asian and White British ethnic backgrounds achieved a good level of development when compared to all pupils.
  • 53.5 percent of pupils whose first language is English achieve a good level of development, compared with 41.9 of pupils for whom English is an additional language.
  • 55.0 percent of pupils not eligible for free schools meals achieved a good level of development, compared to 34.5 percent for pupils known to be eligible for free school meals.
  • For pupils with SEN (both without a statement and those with a statement of SEN), 15.4 percent achieved a good level of development. This compares to 55.5 percent for those pupils with no identified SEN.