Local Authorities are required under section 52 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 to prepare and submit an education outturn statement (containing details of the actual expenditure and funding of schools and LAs during the financial year) at the end of each financial year. From the education outturn statement, statistics showing the total revenue balance for each school can be derived and these statistics form the basis of this publication. This is the first time these statistics have been published as Official Statistics; however, they form part of annual series of school balances statistics which have been published on the Department's Every Child Matters (and previously the Section 52) website.

The publication provides statistics for each school reporting their total revenue income, their total revenue balance (showing both committed and uncommitted revenue) and the total revenue balance as a proportion of the total revenue income. Further analysis describes school balances for those schools in deficit, those in surplus and those schools with excessive surpluses.

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