This release of Experimental Statistics provides the new figures on the number of children assessed to be in need by Children's Social Services. The figures are compiled from the new 2008-09 Children in Need (CIN) census which replaced the previous census that was completed in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005. The collection period for the CIN census covered six months from 1 October 2008 to 31 March 2009.

The key points from this release are:

  • Over the six month period from 1 October 2008 to 31 March 2009, 407,800 children had an episode of need in England.
  • There were 304,400 children in need in England at 31 March 2009. This equates to 276 children per 10,000 children aged under 18 years.
  • There were 3,200 children in need who were unborn (corresponding to 1 percent of the population).
  • Excluding these unborn children, 54 percent of children were male, compared to 45 percent who were female.
  • For all children in need, 41 percent (123,800) were in need as a result of, or were at risk of abuse or neglect. 15 percent (46,100) were in need due to family dysfunction and 13 percent (39,800) were in need due to the child's disability, illness or intrinsic condition.

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