The Experimental First Release contains national level results for the percentages of children achieving each scale point on the 13 scales that make up the Foundation Stage Profile (FSP) for 2007/08. The statistics are published as experimental statistics and do not display the National Statistics logo, as they are still being evaluated and remain subject to further testing in terms of their volatility and ability to meet customer needs. The results should be treated with caution as this is the first year that such data have been released.


The release provides information at national level on the percentages of children achieving each scale point on the FSP in 2007/08. It gives further detail to the SFR Foundation Stage Profile Results in England, 2007/08 which reported the percentage of children who achieved a particular score on each scale in the FSP.

The key points from the latest release are:

  • The vast majority of children achieve points 1-3 on each scale, the stepping stone points.
  • The percentage of children achieving each scale point generally decreases from points 4-8, of the early learning goals, on each scale.
  • On each scale, point 9, which describes the attainment of a child who has achieved all the early learning goals, and who is consistently working beyond them, was achieved by only a small percentage of children.
  • Most of the points are achieved by a higher percentage of girls than boys.