This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides updated provisional information on the achievements of eligible pupils (typically 14 year olds) in the 2008 National Curriculum assessments at Key Stage 3 (KS3). Provisional National figures were published in August 2008 and can be found at SFR20/2008 "DCSF: National Curriculum Assessments at Key Stage 3 in England, 2008 (Provisional)". This SFR updates the provisional national level figures and additionally includes local authority figures.

The provisional publication that went out in August 2008 did not include local authority figures. At the time, the Department's Head of Profession for Statistics decided to delay publication of these figures until there was a sufficient volume of data for every local authority in all three subjects to enable publication of a complete set of provisional results on a consistent basis for all local authorities. There is now sufficient coverage to support the publication of local authority figures. In addition, the Head of profession for Statistics received notification from Ofqual in April 2009 that the quality of the KS3 marking was at least as good as in previous years. As a result, the Head of Profession for statistics has decided to publish this follow up SFR giving updated national figures and releasing the local authority level figures.

Key stage 3 test results for 2008

The percentages of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in the 2008 Key Stage 3 tests by subject are as follows:

  • English 74% (81% for girls, 67% for boys)
  • Reading 69% (76% for girls, 62% for boys)
  • Writing 78% (85% for girls, 72% for boys)
  • Mathematics 77% (77% for girls, 76% for boys)
  • Science 71% (71% for girls, 72% for boys)
The percentages of pupils achieving Level 6 or above in the 2008 Key Stage 3 tests by subject are as follows:
  • English 35% (42% for girls, 27% for boys)
  • Reading 33% (41% for girls, 26% for boys)
  • Writing 39% (46% for girls, 32% for boys)
  • Mathematics 57% (56% for girls, 58% for boys)
  • Science 41% (40% for girls, 42% for boys)